Great to Work With

Topknotch Construction , aka Justin, was great to work with beings this was our first time jumping into such a large project.  He kept things simple to understand and communicated constantly through email and by phone when we needed more of an answer to satisfy our many questions. His work ethic is impeccable and the staff he works with are just as job oriented.  We have already enjoyed many hours in our pool and on the deck.  We would recommend him and already have to anyone interested in having work done at their home.
- Joe & Ann DeCisco Temple, PA

Satisfied Newbies

Let me start by saying we are first time pool owners and had literally no idea where to start.  Through the recommendation of a friend we called Jason at Top Knotch Construction. Our friend spoke very highly of him and that was my starting point.  We contacted Jason and he set up a consultation.  At the consultation he went over the best placement of the pool, explained the excavation, and set up a date for the installation, he makes the appointment for the sand to be delivered and gave me the number of the water guy he uses to fill it up.  He gave all us all the information we needed at that consultation, made sure we had all our parts and pieces and told us exactly what it was going to cost.  No hidden charges, up front with all information.  On install day I was completely amazed at the speed Jason and his crew worked at.  I had thought this would be an all day project.  They were in and out in less than 4 hours. The digging, the precise leveling, the sand, the set up, everything. They were polite, considerate, cleaned up the site when finished. Jason explained the filter/pump system to me and gave me tips to keep everything in tip top shape.
My husband and I are extremely happy with the work.  We have since placed all the information for Top Notch Construction prominently on our refrigerator so that we have it for our future projects.  We have a retaining wall that needs to be replaced and I have grand plans for a patio/deck area.  All of which Top Knotch can handle with ease.
I highly recommend the services of Top Knotch Construction.
-Tracy Lis Reading, PA

Highly Recommended

My wife and I are very happy with the pool & deck that was installed by Justin M Swanger and his workers.

We would highly recommend Top Knotch Construction for everything they do. For their ability to do the work quickly, efficiently and with knowledge. They were also very courteous at all times.

- Mr. & Mrs Robert Fox


“Top Knotch Construction’s crew, led by Justin Swanger, is honest, dependable and hardworking.  I was thrilled with the speed at which our project was completed." - Tonya F.

Speedy Completion

I would highly recommend working with Top Knotch Construction.  I first met Justin at an open house when I was exploring the  possibility of installing an above ground pool.  I was very impressed with his professionalism, honesty, and knowledge.  When I found out that he also built decks and saw samples of his work, I knew he was who I was looking for.  I have very high standards and wanted my deck to match my existing deck.  He not only met them; he exceeded them.   I have difficulty visualizing projects without seeing them on paper.  Justin was great working with me to help me understand that some of my ideas would not work structurally and gave me many suggestions to achieve what I was envisioning.  He remained patient and flexible with me the entire time that I kept changing my mind and the design layouts.   He promised me that I would have my pool and deck in by Memorial Day and he finished the job over a week ahead of schedule.  Justin also assisted me with installing my pool steps and came over on his days off to make sure that my deck met his own high standards.  I have received dozens of compliments about the design and quality of construction of both my deck and pool.  You will be happy that you chose Top Knotch Construction.

-  Jen K